Belinda Wilson - Counselling Supervision

In addition to psychotherapy which I offer in Islington N1 and N7 and Bloomsbury (Kings Cross) WC1H, I also offer counselling supervision at Hamilton House Kings Cross.

While I am primarily trained as an Existential Psychotherapist, my aim is to offer an 'existential approach' to supervision. What this means  is that I aim to build a good working relationship with you, and to offer you a safe space, in order to help you creatively explore client issues. The supervision, a vital part of psychotherapeutic practice, is on offer to also to help you to deeply reflect on the process and content of your client work.

I believe that each therapist can offer something unique to the equally unique clients they work with, and so, I endeavour to support you to reflect on how you work with your clients as opposed to taking a 'do-as-I-do' approach.

Existential supervision recognises that therapists work differently and that people (clients, therapists and supervisors alike) have varying outlooks on the world. As such, existential supervision can be invaluable to practitioners working accross a range of work settings and can also be integrated so as to be helpful to practitioners trained in different therapy approaches.

As well as incorporating existential perspectives on supervision, I also use Proctor's well known formative, normative and restorative supervision model. What this means i practice is that the supervision endeavours to offer you opportunities for learning, awareness and education; ensuring ethical and best practice, and; giving you the space to receive appropriate emotional support as approapriate when you need it. This is all to assist supervisees to both become and remain, competent, confident and ethical psychotherapists and counsellors, who are ultimately holding client well-being at the centre of their work.

​I currently work and have a history of working with psychotherapists and counsellors who are in the later stages of their psychotherapy and couselling training who are Existential and Integrative in their therapy orientation and newly qualified practitioners. I am UKCP Registered as a psychotherapist, however, I have successfully undertaken a BACP accredited supervision training and hold Diploma in Counselling Supervision with Distinction. I therefore follow both the UKCP and BACP ethical frameworks and codes of practice.

Supervision is offered a minimimum of once, though usually twice per month, depending upon the supervisee's requirements.  Supervision sessions are offered mostly during weekday  afternoons


​Having successfully achieved a Counselling Diploma with Distinction, and supervision rates are as follows:

​Individual supervision sessions - £45 (1 hour) and £60 (1.5 hour).

​If you would like more information about potentially starting supervision with me to see if it feels right for you or if you'd like to book and initial appointment, please call Belinda on T: 07714 028837 or to email click here.



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